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Albany Georgia passes first reading of breed discriminatory law

At last nights meeting, officials in Albany Georgia passed the first reading of an ordinance that would target “pit bulls.”

Initially some had been saying that this would be the first and only reading of the ordinance but this has turned out to not be the case.

There will be a second reading, tentatively scheduled for the middle of February, roughly one month after the first reading.

An interesting thing to note is that Commissioner Marietta, who had initially brought this forward, abstained from voting at last nights meeting.  He stated that he felt there were issues with the proposed ordinance that needed to be addressed and wanted more time, and a second review of the ordinance.

He also noted the many failures of breed discriminatory laws at last nights meeting.

“In fact some cities have tried it and it doesn’t work but since my colleagues are intent on passing something, I just thought that it would be wise to moderate it a little bit so that the average homeowner would be bankrupted by a dog ordinance,” said Marietta. full story

The current ordinance imposes several restrictions on owners of targeted dog.  They would have to register the dog with the police department, maintain either a liability insurance policy of at least $100,000 or a surety bond of at least $15,000 and meet confinement requirements.

According to the Best Friends Animal Society fiscal impact calculator a breed discriminatory ordinance will cost Albany over $100,000 to enforce.  One city commissioner had stated that though the ordinance was strict, it was designed for the entire city and not “a select few.”  This ordinance is NOT for the entire city and is only for “a select few” by only targeting part of the population of dog owners, and ignoring the recklessness of others.

Everyone in the area is encouraged to reach out and ask the commission to strengthen their dangerous dog laws in a breed neutral way.  All dogs that are a danger to the community must be dealt with, no matter what they look like, and all reckless dog owners need to be held accountable.  A breed discriminatory law is over and under inclusive in addressing these issues and fail to protect the community.

Everyone deserves to be protected from dangerous dogs of all kinds.  All victims deserve justice and all responsible owners deserve to have their property right maintained.

Alternatives can be found here and information on the failures of breed discriminatory laws can be found here.

Contact e-mails for city officials are as follows:


Tamarac FL – Pit Bull Ordinance Under Fire

According to [Florida] State Code Chapter767 “DAMAGE BY DOGS” Section 14 ‘Additional local restrictions authorized’, local governments are prohibited from enacting regulations specific to breed.  However, the section is not applicable to any local ordinance that was adopted prior to October 1, 1990.

In 1985, Tamarac adopted Section 4-6 Article II – Pit Bull Dogs.  A pit bull is described as any dog that exhibits distinguishing characterstics which substantially conform to the standards established by the American Kennel Club for American Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, or to standards established by the United Kennel Club for American Pit Bull Terriers.

This local ordinance made it unlawful for any person to house, maintain or harbor within the city any dog which substantially conforms to the standards unless following strict regulations such as containing the dog within a residence or locked premise such as a totally enclosed and lockable pen, muzzled and on a leash of no greater length than 8 feet; registering the dog and paying an annual fee of $50.00;  and, obtaining a $1,000,000 liability insurance.

Currently Tamarac Talk is suggesting that officials either “Enforce it or Lose it”.

According to the article from September 27th, Tamarac currently has more than  60,000 residents living in the city that is 15 miles north of Miami-Dade County but only five (5) pit bulls are registered.

Residents are suggesting that officials remove the breed-specific restrictions, stating that the ordinance is rarely, if ever, obeyed or enforced.

Tamarac Officials can be contacted with your POLITE, PROFESSIONAL AND INFORMATIVE correspondance at:

Mayor: Beth Talabisco betht@tamarac.org

District 1: Pam Bushnell  Pamela.Bushnell@tamarac.org

District 2: Michelle Gomez Michelle.Gomez@tamarac.org

District 3: Diane Glasser  Diane.Glasser@tamarac.org

District 4: Harry Dressler Harry.Dressler@tamarac.org