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Lakewood, OH: Lakewood Pit Bull Registration Deadline Is December 6th


Lakewood Pit Bull Registration Deadline Is December 6th

Lakewood Observer
– City Hall, November 25, 2008

Lakewood residents are reminded that they must register their pit bull/canary dog with the City by December 6, 2008. In July, Lakewood City Council passed legislation banning pit bulls and canary dogs in the City. The law allows for Lakewood residents who already owned a pit bull/canary dog to keep their dog but requires that they register the dog with the Lakewood Animal Control Office. This registration must be completed by December 6, 2008.

To register a dog, owners must fill out a registration form and pay a $50 registration fee. Pit bull owners must also provide a current photograph of their dog, a copy of an insurance policy of not less than $100,000 and proof that their dog has been micro-chipped and spayed or neutered. Other terms, conditions and restrictions apply to the handling of dangerous animal in Lakewood. A full copy of the law is available on the City of Lakewood website at http://www.onelakewood.com.

Registration forms are available on the City of Lakewood website at http://www.onelakewood.com or can be obtained by calling the Lakewood Animal Shelter at (216) 529-5020. Lakewood dog owners who are unsure as to whether they need to register their dogs can contact the Lakewood Animal Shelter at (216) 529-5020 for assistance.

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For further information, please contact Captain Gary Stone of the Lakewood Police Department at (216) 529-6751.