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Connecticut bill, HB6311, to prohibit breed specific legislation is set for a hearing

In our post “Best Friends Alert for Maryland and Connecticut” we reported that a bill had been filed that would prohibit breed specific legislation on the state level in Connecticut.

After the first committee meeting the bill was reserved for a public subject matter hearing. The bill has also been renamed.  The updated tracking for HB 6311 can be found here.

February 20th the bill had its hearing, though the results of this hearing have yet to be released.

An interview with the bills sponsor can be found on the Wallingford Patch.

Connecticut residents: Reach out now to you legislators and express support for HB 6311. Contact information for Connecticut legislators can be found here.  If you uncomfortable writing your own communication Best Friends Animal Society has a form you can fill out and modify here. Phone calls also go a very long way for showing support.  A very simple statement that as a constituent you would like them to support HB 6311 is more than adequate.

Best Friends alerts for Maryland and Connecticut

Best Friends Animal Society has issued the following alerts:

Maryland: A bill has been introduced that would prevent insurance companies from discriminating against both home owners and renters based on the breed of their dog. Under this bill an insurance company would be prohibited from refusing to renew or refuse a policy based solely on the breed of the applicants dog. It would also prohibit insurance companies from refusing liability coverage for damages cause by the dog of the insured.

Maryland residents, please reach out to your representatives via the Best Friends action alert form. Let them know you want them to support SB296.  This bill would not only protect dog owners but it also protects victims of dog bites from all breeds by making sure the insurance company must take care of their expenses. This would be a great step forward for any community but especially for Maryland after the impact of Tracey v. Solesky.

A hearing has been scheduled for February 5th which is the same date as the hearing for SB 160 the Senate bill to address Tracey v. Solesky. Reach out and let your voice be heard.

Connecticut: A bill has been introduced that would allow communities to institute dangerous dog laws as long as they are not breed specific. The passage of this bill would be a great step forward for all the people of Connecticut, dog owners and non-dog owners alike.

HB 5975 has been referred to the Joint Committee on Planning and Development.

Best Friends has set up another easy to use contact form for Connecticut residents to express support for HB 5975.

Connecticut residents, please reach out and tell your representatives that you want them to support this bill.  More states recognizing the need to outlaw breed specific legislation but the voice of the people is needed to confirm they are doing the right thing.