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Connecticut HB6311 to prevent breed discrimination advances to full house

In February, Connecticut state legislators introduced a bill that would prohibit municipalities from enacting breed discriminatory laws.

This bill came back from the fiscal analysis with a report that there will be no fiscal impact with this bill.  This means that enacting this bill will not create any financial burden for the state or any local municipalities. This is not uncommon as breed neutral dangerous dog laws are financially far more benign that breed discriminatory ones, and bills of this nature do not mandate any changes for every municipality, but rather create a prohibition against unjust laws.

After a unanimously favorable committee report the bill was officially referred to the full House where it will be voted on. Should this bill be passed in the House it would move to the Senate for a repeat of the same process.

Connecticut residents:Please continue to reach out to your representatives and politely ask them to support this bill. It is important that when these bills move forward to the next step support is shown for them so legislators have that fresh in their minds when the bill is heard.

You can find your specific representatives on the states website.

Previous alert for HB6311

Connecticut bill, HB6311, to prohibit breed specific legislation is set for a hearing

In our post “Best Friends Alert for Maryland and Connecticut” we reported that a bill had been filed that would prohibit breed specific legislation on the state level in Connecticut.

After the first committee meeting the bill was reserved for a public subject matter hearing. The bill has also been renamed.  The updated tracking for HB 6311 can be found here.

February 20th the bill had its hearing, though the results of this hearing have yet to be released.

An interview with the bills sponsor can be found on the Wallingford Patch.

Connecticut residents: Reach out now to you legislators and express support for HB 6311. Contact information for Connecticut legislators can be found here.  If you uncomfortable writing your own communication Best Friends Animal Society has a form you can fill out and modify here. Phone calls also go a very long way for showing support.  A very simple statement that as a constituent you would like them to support HB 6311 is more than adequate.