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Denmark: Dog cull proposal provokes outrage

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In Brief: Dog cull proposal provokes outrage

Saturday August 22 2009

A proposal in Denmark to cull all mongrel dogs has provoked a furious response from owners, animal welfare groups and MPs.

Denmark is considering a new law that would ban aggressive breeds, such as pit bulls and mastiffs, but an MP has gone one step further and suggested that all cross-breeds be killed. Flemming Moller, from the governing Liberal Party, is steadfast in his calls for a mass slaughter. “We will surely see lots of press photos of sweet puppies being put down but we must be determined,” he said.[…]

Full article retrieved 8/22/09 from Independent Newspapers (Ireland) Limited at: http://www.independent.ie/world-news/in-brief-dog-cull-proposal-provokes-outrage-1867033.html