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Senath, MO: Defending the family pet … [Ban defeated]

Previous article about Senath, MO: http://stopbsl.com/2009/09/18/senath-mo-pit-bull-ban-proposed/

Senath already has (unenforced) BSL defining Pit Bulls as “dangerous dogs,” with requirements about escape-proof kenneling, and perhaps muzzling in public.  The defeated amendment to Senath’s “Dangerous Dog” law apparently would have added an outright ban.

Defending the family pet …

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Joshua Payne

Owners voice concern over proposed pit bull ban in city limits

Several residents of Senath attended the Senath City Council meeting in support of keeping their family pets, which would be taken from the homes as stated in a recently proposed ordinance banning pit bulls from the City of Senath.

[…] The council decided to postpone the passing of a new ordinance and attempt to fix the problem by more strictly enforcing the current dangerous dog ordinance.[…]

Full article retrieved 10/14/09 from http://www.dddnews.com/story/1578272.html