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MPP Randy Hillier introduces a new bill to repeal Ontario’s breed ban

The fight to repeal Ontario Canada’s long-standing “pit bull” ban continues.

Earlier this year, a bill to repeal the ban was making progress, until the Liberal party in Ontario created a party line stalemate that kept the bill from going for its third reading.

That bill, Bill 16, was a tri-party bill.  This means that 3 political parties had endorsed and supported the bill.  The bill was sponsored by Randy Hillier, Cheri DiNovo and Kim Craitor. Cheri DiNovo has been championing a repeal of the ban for some time, actively reaching out to garner support for a repeal and supporting groups with the same goal. Cheri DiNovo had previously entered 2 bills to repeal the ban before co-sponsoring Bill 16.  She is widely recognized as one of the first officials to stand up and fight against the ban.

Bill 16, also referred to as Hershey’s Bill, was progressing despite opposition.  This was until the hearings before the bill would have been sent to its third and final reading.  In a clear display of contempt, during the last committee hearing, the Liberal party leader and Premier went so far as to substitute out the members of the party who were supportive of the bill during the hearings and the vote on the various amendments.  There was a very literal divide across the table, with all of one side voting to bring the bill forward and all of the other against it.

It is within the power of the Premier to unilaterally decide to not move a bill to its third reading, regardless of the support it has by constituents and government officials.  This was the case with Bill 16.  The bill was never allowed to go to its third reading.

The Premier at the time, Dalton McGuinty, later stepped down, effectively killing all active bills at the moment.  The term for this is proroguing.  At the time of his resignation Bill 16 was prorogued.

On October 1st 2013, MPP Hillier introduced a new bill that would end the “pit bull” ban in Ontario. Video was posted on Hillier’s website of the introduction of the bill.

This new bill will have to go through the same steps as the old bill, beginning with the first reading. The new bill faces the same challenges as all the other attempts to repeal the ban.  There have been several different bills and each one has met with resistance.

One of the more frustrating aspects of this is that in each case, including when the ban was originally passed, almost every person and organization, who testified at the various hearings, testified against the ban.  In spite of this, certain elements within the government refuse to act against it. As with all places where parts of the Government seem to have a personal investment in the ban, the fight in Ontario is an up hill battle.

The new Premier, Kathleen Wynne, has a history of being supportive of the ban.  On the Liberal party’s “Common Ground” website, a site for residents of Ontario to voice their opinions on what issues they feel the government should address, repealing the pit bull ban has been the most popular suggestion.

Every single resident of Ontario is encouraged to step forward, contact their MPP and ask them to support the repeal of this outdated and ineffective law.  Click here to find your representative.

Residents of Ontario can also join the Ontario “Pit Bull” Co-Op for up to date details on events and legislative information. This would be the best way to become actively involved locally.  It is important to remember that breed discriminatory laws do not change without active participation by residents in the areas these laws cover.

Hillier also has a petition on his site for residents of Ontario to sign.

Thank you, Debbie Black, for your insight into the Ontario legislative system.

Canadian legislator is trying to revive Bill 16, to overturn Ontario’s pit bull ban

People have been working hard trying to get Ontario’s pit bull ban overturned.  Bill 16, a bill to repeal the ban, had tri-party support and was moving forward towards its 3rd reading. Then a hitch occurred when Premier Dalton McGuinty effectively killed all bills at the time by stepping down.

MPP Randy Hillier is trying to regain support to bring Bill 16, or Hershey’s Bill, back to its status before this happened.

He has created a petition for citizens to sign to ask the new Premier to reinstate the bill.

Another way to help comes from Hershey Anti BSL Group Facebook page:

The Ontario Legislature is back to work! This is a link to a generic petition to repeal Ontario’s breed-specific legislation.

Want to help? Live in Ontario? Please 
1) print it out
2) sign it, maybe get your friends and family to sign it
3) Snail mail (or drop off) to: 

Cheri di Novo MPP
Room 115, Main Legislative Building, Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario M7A 1A5

NOTE: You do not need a full sheet to make the petition count. Do not wait to accumulate a big pile, it is best to send them in in dribs and drabs. Each time they are presented in the House, even if it is just one sheet, they are read into the record, so the more the better.

Petitions to be presented to the Legislature must contain original signatures and the name and full address of the person signing, who must be a resident of Ontario. There is no age limit – children may sign petitions as well as adults.”

A printable version of the petition can be found here.

Residents of Ontario: Take action now so Hershey’s Bill can move forward and Ontario’s ban can be lifted.