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Crab Orchard, KY – Laws Targeting Pit Bulls Discussed

Crab Orchard City Commissioners are discussing an ordinance that would regulate pit bulls, including a definition describing ‘what is’ a pit bull.

The discussions result from recent complaints from area residents as well as a dog-bite report involving a young girl (that dog was euthanized).

Mayor [Billy] Shelton stated that dangerous dogs are being kept by multiple people within [city] limits that provide too much freedom to the dogs or chain them outside while children are playing.

“Not all pit bulls are bad.  It’s the way they’re raised.  I’m sure if we had to, we could adopt an ordinance against them.”  Said Mayor Shelton.

The Mayor would prefer to see people use ‘common sense’ in caring for their dogs and keep the dangerous ones off the street or restrained rather than pass a new ordinance.

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