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Hutchinson, KS: Hutch won’t ban pit bulls [BSL Defeated]

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It’s so nice to see politicians behaving rationally.  My favorite part is, “once council members studied the facts…”

Previous alert from Aug. 2, 2009: “Incident Prompts Call for Ban on Pit Bulls

Hutch won’t ban pit bulls

Last Update: 9/01/2009 5:29 pm

HUTCHINSON, Kansas – City leaders in Hutchinson won’t bother passing a proposed pit bull ban, saying their vicious dogs laws already have enough bite.

[…] The council decided it would be unfair to target pit bulls. For example, out of the 229 bites on record in Hutchinson since 2005, 32 were committed by Labradors. That’s nearly 15 percent.

Full article retrieved 9/2/09 from http://www.ksn.com/news/local/story/Hutch-wont-ban-pit-bulls/YIjY4-8LV02ORZun9XFUlg.cspx