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Lansing, MI – Mayor Considers Pit Bulls and Vicious Dogs A Problem

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is asking City Council to adopt a vicious dog ordinance.  According to Bernero, his office has received numerous phone calls and emails from citizens who are “living in fear” because loose dogs are wreaking havoc in neighborhoods.

According to Lansing Police Chief, Teresa Szymanski, “Officers had to deal with issues related to pit bulls more this summer than previous years.”

Bernero will request that the Council adopt an ordinance that will hold an owner accountable when someone is attacked.  Dogs with a history of being aggressive or violent will be especially targeted.

Bernero expects the ordinance to include fencing and insurance requirements.

“There is no evidence that the issue is going away,” he said.  “This is a dialog whose time has come.  Hopefully, the Council will take it up.”

Details of whether the ordinance will be breed-specific have not been released, but Bernero said “It’s not something that will happen immediately.”