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New bill filed to allow BSL in Massachusetts

A little while ago we received word about SD (Senate Docket) 1247 that would create an exemption from the new state law the prohibits breed specific legislation.

This bill has been renamed and has been sent to the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government. SB 969 is the same as SD 1247.  The wording is identical, in that it will insert an exemption into the new comprehensive animal control law that would allow a municipality to prove through municipal bite statistics that they should be allowed to enact a breed specific law.

Massachusetts Residents:  Swift action is needed.  Reach out to your legislators and the members of the committee and ask them to opposed this bill.  Committee members can be found here. Specific legislators can be found on the government website, or if you are uncomfortable composing your own correspondence Best Friends Animal Society has created an alert form here.