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Nevada AB 110 signed into law

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed AB110 and officially ushers Nevada into breed neutral status.  The bill goes into effect October 1, 2013.

AB110 includes a very short section that says “A local authority shall not adopt or enforce an ordinance or regulation that deems a dog dangerous or vicious based solely on the breed of the dog.”

It’s an elegantly simple provision. There is no home rule exemption and no grandfather clause.

The legislative path of AB 110 can be read about in full detail in our previous alert.  There is always a lot of hard work that is not seen when bills of this kind are passed, work that begins before the bill itself is even introduced.  For all the hard work of all those behind the scenes breed neutral Nevada thanks you.

One by one, prohibitions against breed discriminatory laws are becoming the norm as more legislators and citizens recognize the destruction breed discriminatory laws can cause.

Nevada AB 110 goes to the governor to be signed into law

Today is a great day for Nevada communities.  AB110, the bill to prohibit breed discriminatory laws on the state level, has passed the full Senate with a vote of 20-1.

AB110 was introduced February 13 and sat waiting for the first committee meeting until April 9th.  It was amended during the second reading and passed the full House on April 15th with a unanimous vote.

When the bill was sent to the Senate committee it hit a road block. According to Laura Handzel of Best Friends Animal Society, the primary opposition centered around 2 issues. The first issue was a general lack of knowledge about breed discriminatory laws and how they impact the community both personally and financially. The second issue was about home rule. Simply put home rule is an amendment in a state constitution that grants cities, municipalities, and counties the ability to pass laws to govern themselves as they see fit. Several legislators expressed concern over telling municipalities what kind of dangerous dog laws they cannot pass. There was a general concern stepping on the rights of cities and towns to self govern. Once explain that the bill would protect citizens from the towns overstepping their rights this issue resolved in a vote that shock advocates involved. Some dissension had been expected but ultimately the bill passed the committee with a unanimous vote.

And now AB110 has passed the full Senate with only one opposing vote.  This strong stand of almost complete agreement by all the Representatives and Senators is a wonderful thing to see. We know intellectually that support for breed discrimination is the small minority, but having such resounding legislative support shows concretely where the majority of people really stand on this issue.

The bill now moves to the Governors desk to be signed into law.

Nevada is the 14th state to enact this kind of protection for it’s citizens.

Congratulations to everyone involved in getting AB110 passed, for all the hard work put in to address the concerns of legislators.

Nevada, AB 110, to prevent breed discrimination, advances to full Senate vote

A bill to prevent breed discrimination at the state level has been working its way through the Nevada legislature. Despite some opposition during the Senate Judiciary Committee, we have just found out that AB110 has passed the committee unanimously.

The results of the vote can no doubt be linked to the hard work of representatives from Best Friends Animal Society. Last week on Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio, Laura Handzel discussed some of the issues that had been raised by the committee and how, through respectful and clear communication, the concerns of the legislators were addressed.  Most of the objections revolved around either the issue of home rule or a general misunderstanding of the bill and breed discriminatory laws in general. The efficacy of the approach is reflected in the unanimous vote.  Even those legislators who had the largest opposing voice voted in favor of ending breed discrimination in Nevada.

Nevada residents: The bill is almost there! The full Senate vote should come up soon so please contact your Senators to ask that they support this bill. After the vote it just needs to be signed into law. Reach out and ask your Senators to support this bill.

You can find your respective Senators here.

Or if you are having trouble with wording you can us the contact form Best Friends has set up. Click here for the Best Friends Action alert.

Nevada AB 110, the bill to prevent breed discrimination, needs help NOW

We received an e-mail from Ledy VanKavage of Best Friends Animal Society that AB 110, the bill to prevent breed discrimination on the state level,  has hit a speed bump.  One Senator in particular has pushed the case to the committee that municipalities should be able to ban any breeds they want. This bill may not make it out of committee.


Please call and write the members of the committee today to urge them to support this bill.  We have been asked to urge folks to cite studies on the failure of breed discriminatory legislation to make communities safer. As usual be polite and professional.

You can find information to include here.

Best Friends Animal Society has a form to contact the members of the committee.

Phone numbers for the committee:

Aaron Ford: 702-772-5544

Tick Segerblom: 775-684-1422

Ruben Kihuen: 702-274-1707

Justin Jones: 775-684-1421

Greg Bower: 775-684-1419

Scott Hammond: 702-523-9055

Mark Hutchinson: 702-233-2049

Nevada bill to prohibit breed specific legislation to be heard

Nevada is considering prohibiting breed specific legislation on the state level. The Nevada General assembly will hear this bill on the 26th of February at 8 am in Room 3138 of the Legislative Building at 401 S. Carson St., Carson City, Nevada.

The text of the bill can be found here.

“A dog may not be found dangerous or vicious : (a) Based solely on the breed of the dog;”

Simple and straight forward.

Nevada residents:  Act now and voice your support for AB 110.  Best Friends has set up yet another handy form to contact legislators. Contact information links for the Senate and the Assembly.