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Oklahoma Senator drops bill to allow breed specific legislation

On January 23rd Fox 23 out of Oklahoma reported that state Senator Patrick Anderson was abandoning an emergency bill that he proposed to allow breed specific legislation on the state level.

Immediate public pressure has been cited as one possible reason the bill was dropped. Fox 23 stated

“One possible reason the bill was abandoned, an outpouring of backlash against it. People against the passage of this bill started a petition that got thousands of signatures from people who opposed the possible law.”

Senator Anderson has also been quoted saying “We’re not going to move forward on it,…There’s just too much opposition to it.”

When the bill was proposed Best Friends Animal Society issued an alert that 900 Oklahoma residents responded to. In addition a petition garnered 9,000 thousand signatures.

At this time Senator Anderson has said he will not pursue this issue.

Congratulations to Oklahoma residents for standing up for equal rights for all dog owners! This is the perfect example of how the voice of the people can make an immediate and profound impact.