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Toledo, OH: Another ‘vicious dog’ case in the courtroom

Yet another story focusing on breed identification and its hazards.  The story at the link has a 2-minute video, including shots of the hearing and a bit of interview with the defendant’s lawyer.

“There’s a history here of the Dog Warden’s office misclassifying dogs as Pit Bulls when they’re not Pit Bulls.  Oftentimes owners don’t have the wherewithal, or they’re scared to fight for their dogs.  They’re often threatened with the threat of criminal prosecution…” — Mr. Smith’s attorney


Another ‘vicious dog’ case in the courtroom

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The eventual focus of this case – just what is a Pit Bull?

Toledo’s Pit Bull or Vicious Dog Law has been the focus of numerous court cases, and another one is now moving through the system. The eventual focus of this case is just what is a Pit Bull?

Three dogs are being held at the warden’s office. The owner claims they’re Cane Corsos, not Pit Bulls. The dog warden disagrees. Today’s hearing was to decide if the dogs have to stay here while the case moves through the court system.

Visit the link for the full story:


Maricopa County, AZ: Free spay/neuter for “pit bulls”

Through the end of October, you can even get paid $20 for each “pit bull” you have spayed or neutered. Maricopa County residents only.

More info here: http://www.lostourhome.org/resources/low-cost-spayneuter-clinics/

Moses Lake, WA article: Moses Lake discusses dog ordinance (BSL suggested)


Moses Lake discusses dog ordinance

By Candice Boutilier
Columbia Basin Herald staff writer

MOSES LAKE – The Moses Lake City Council discussed the dangerous-dog ordinance as it pertains to pit bulls and public safety Tuesday night.

A decision was not made.[…]