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Scotland: Dog Asbos passes first hurdle in parliament

Unclear whether this would repeal the breed-specific bans currently in effect in Scotland; however, the author of the bill does recognize that the breed-specific laws are not working in Scotland.

Dog Asbos to keep pets and their owners on tight leash

Published Date: 11 February 2010
By David Maddox

A BILL which would introduce dog Asbos to Scotland was backed unanimously by MSPs yesterday as it passed its first hurdle in parliament.

The new bill will replace the current Dangerous Dogs Act which MSPs agreed is flawed because it criminalises the breed and not the individual dog or owner.[…]

Full article retrieved 2/11/10 from http://news.scotsman.com/odd/Dog-Asbos-to-keep-pets.6062132.jp

Denmark: Dog cull proposal provokes outrage

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In Brief: Dog cull proposal provokes outrage

Saturday August 22 2009

A proposal in Denmark to cull all mongrel dogs has provoked a furious response from owners, animal welfare groups and MPs.

Denmark is considering a new law that would ban aggressive breeds, such as pit bulls and mastiffs, but an MP has gone one step further and suggested that all cross-breeds be killed. Flemming Moller, from the governing Liberal Party, is steadfast in his calls for a mass slaughter. “We will surely see lots of press photos of sweet puppies being put down but we must be determined,” he said.[…]

Full article retrieved 8/22/09 from Independent Newspapers (Ireland) Limited at: http://www.independent.ie/world-news/in-brief-dog-cull-proposal-provokes-outrage-1867033.html