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Chesterfield, MO – Repeals Pit Bull Legislation


Chesterfield, Missouri! Bill No. 2909, which amends the “Dangerous Animals” ordinance to REMOVE all the breed specific language was APPROVED at the second reading on December 3rd, 2012!

Way to go Chesterfield!


Chesterfield, Missouri Council members will meet at 7:00 PM tonight, Monday, December 3rd to move forward with removal of the cities current breed specific legislation REPEAL.

If you are in the area, please attend the meeting in effort to show your support of this action.

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Schuyler, Nebraska – MULTI-Breed Restrictions Considered

On Tuesday, December 4, 2012, the Schuyler, Nebraska city council will hold the second reading of a proposed dangerous dog ordinance that targets several breeds of dogs including:

American pit bull terrier,
American Staffordshire terrier,
Staffordshire bull terrier,
Dogo Argentina,
Presa Canario,
Cane Corso,
American bulldog,
Chow chow,
and American bandagge.

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Manly, Iowa – Repeal of Pit Bull Ban Possible

Officials in the city of Many, Iowa discussed the possibility of repealing the city’s  ordinance bannine pit bulls at last night’s city council meeting.  The city adopted its breed specific ordinance in 2008, but the ordinance has not been enforced.  However, several residents recently received a letter from the city telling them they had 10 days to remove their “dangerous” animal from the city limits.  Those dog owners appealed the order to remove their dogs at last night’s meeting.


Council voted to table indefinitely a decision on what action it should take to allow time to get a better reading on the desires of the community as a whole.

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Worcester MA – Pit Bull Regulations Removed

According to the telegram, and communications between StopBSL.org and City Officials, Worcester will drop requirements that pit bulls be licensed, registered and muzzled in public.  Instead of the police chief ordering measures against problem dogs — restraint, removal from the city, or euthanasia — the city will have a complaint and hearing procedure.


Aberdeen, SD – Pit Bull Ban Discussion

During a work session last night, city officials in Aberdeen, South Dakota discussed the possibility of implementing a pit bull ban in the city limits. We learned a few weeks ago that the city council agreed to revisit the city’s animal control ordinance after the issue was brought up by a resident at the last council meeting.

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Aberdeen SD – Council Looks To Re-Open Discussions On Breed Bans

In March of 2011 StopBSL reported Aberdeen Council passed a breed-neutral ordinance after six-amendments were offered, including two that would have made the ordinance breed-specific.  The approved ordinance restricts dangerous dogs, but rather than by breed, individual dogs earn the title based on their behavior.

In October of the same year, discussion again leaned heavily toward amending the new ordinance to ‘scrutinize’ specific breeds more than others.
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Kingsford Michigan – BSL Exception

John Ketola requires a service animal, unfortunately for John, his dog is 25% Staffordshire Terrier.  According to the city of Kingsford’s 1987 ordinance banning all pit bulls, including mixed or partial breeds, that’s a problem.

Mr. Ketola petitioned the Council for exception based on the unique issue relative to information submitted to City Attorney, Bruce Brouillette.  Brouillette examined the federal statute then issued a recommendation to Council to approve the exception for Ketola’s service dog.

Council agreed at Monday evenings public meeting, however they attached severe limitations and requirements for Mr. Ketola, such as requiring the service dog be securely confined within the Ketola home or in a secure outdoor enclosure with sides, top and permanent bottom and that such enclosure be secured to prevent a minor from entering on his or her own accord.  Also when Mr. Ketola has his service dog in public, the dog must be leashed ona harness and under the direct control of Mr. Ketola.

Related to the Kingsford ban, city resident Mark Wiederrecht provided information countering the ban’s constitutionality and argued it is unnecessary as the city has general ordinances dealing with vicious and dangerous dogs.  Several citizens spoke publicly at the last nights meeting opposing the continuation of the 25 year old ban.

However, City Attorney Brouillette contends the ban is constitutional and valid. Council members continue to raise safety issues and Mayor Michael Flaminio said the committee that was formed in June recommended to make no changes to the ban, but they continue to look at the issue.

Please send your POLITE, RESPECTFUL and INFORMATIVE correspondence to officials in Kingsford at:

Mayor/Councilman Michael Flaminio

Mayor Pro-tem/Councilman Dennis Baldinelli

Councilwoman Cynthia Dixon-Miller

Councilman Jeff Pearson

Councilman Brian Smeester
Email: briansmeester@yahoo.com

All other officials can be contacted with general correspondence directed to:
Phone – 906-774-3526
Email – info@cityofkingsford.com