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Moscow TN – BSL to be discussed for amendment

Five years ago Moscow TN passed a pit bull ordinance requiring owners to obtain $1,000,000 in liability insurance.

Somehow, local ABC affiliate channel 24 picked up the story that it was a newly proposed ordinance.  Residents have been calling the Mayor’s office since the matter was reported last week.

The Mayor says the liability amount is ‘no big deal’, that the insurance can be obtained through carriers such as State Farm.  However, local residents have checked into the need for a rider to their homeowner policies and learned that most carriers offer far less than the amount the city is requiring, capping at $100,000.

Residents attended the regularly scheduled Council meeting last evening requesting that the matter be added to the next agenda for open discussion.  It has been added so that owners and residents can express their inability to obtain liability in that amount.

Moscow Police Officer Kristopher reported that one resident said ‘in trying to complete the process she is unable to get the million dollar policy that is required; that she’s only capable of getting a $100,000 policy.   Mayor Kercheval claims that the coverage can be found and is available relatively inexpensively at just $300 per year, “That’s nothing,” says Kercheval.

Please send your polite, respectful, and informative correspondence to Mayor Gladys Kercheval:  mayorkercheval@bellsouth.net

Or contact Alderman before their next regularly scheduled meeting (meetings held the second Monday of each month – October 9th, 2012 )

Contact information for individual Alderman is available at:

Full story at:  http://www.abc24.com/news/local/story/Years-Old-Pit-Bull-Ordinance-a-New-Concern-for/CZXHbqiQGkeBOlZDXROizA.cspx?rss=59

Lawerenceburg, IN – Local Residents Only

Lawerenceburg IN Council Member, Aaron Cook, has made his position very clear.  He wants the pit bull ordinance re-instated “before it’s too late!”

According to discussions between Jodi Preis and the City Clerk of Lawerenceburg however, the majority of council members at this time are not in favor of revisiting the June 2012 action to repeal the ordinance which banned pit bulls.

That hasn’t stopped Councilman Cook from pushing the issue into the public’s eye however.  The Journal Press continues to report Cook’s position by including quotes like, “I want it changed back before it’s too late and a kid is mangled,” Cook said at the September 4th, Council meeting.

Cook voted against repealing the ban this past June, stating that 67% of fatal dog attacks in the U.S. were by pit bulls.  Since the ban was removed a chihuahua was attacked by an alleged pit bull.  Councilwoman Jane Pope notes that the dog now meets the current definition of a vicious dog and it’s owner has to follow strict requirements.  Cook responded, “So it’s okay that a dog was killed?”

The City of Lawerenceburg does not provide personal contact information via their website.  However there are phone numbers and sporadic emails included on their pages.
If you are in or around the Lawerenceburg vicinity, please take a moment to reach out to your Council Members, the City Attorney, and the Mayor’s Office to share your support of the repealed ban.

Mayor’s Office:  812-532-3552
City Clerk:            812-537-7136  (to leave messages for the Council Members)
City Attorney:    812-537-4500

For Council Member’s names see following link:

NOTE:  This item is not on the next agenda for further discussion – however, the agenda is not set until Friday before the meeting (next meeting is the 17th).