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Hamburg, Germany: Dog Owners Protest for Change

On Saturday 150 dog owners of controlled breeds organized to protest current German law. Currently, owners of dogs such as pit bulls and bull terriers must hold a special behavior permit for their pets and pay for a €600, or $755.48, annual license as well as muzzle and leash their dogs in public.

A similar demonstration took place in Düsseldorf the previous weekend with 240 people participating in an organized walk with animals classed as fighting dogs.

Dangerous dog laws were introduced on a Germany-wide basis in response to attacks on people, but the enforcement is administered by individual states.

The issue comes up for debate in Hamburg later this month, Government could relax the rules.

Auburn, CA: Trio On Hunger Strike To Protest Pit Bull Laws

Trio On Hunger Strike To Protest Pit Bull Laws

AUBURN, Calif. (CBS13) ―

Three women declared they are on a hunger strike to protest proposed and active regulations they say discriminates against pit bull dog breeds.

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Ft. Lauderdale: Miami Pit Bull Owners Plan Broward Get-Together This Weekend To Protest Ban

Miami Pit Bull Owners Plan Broward Get-Together This Weekend To Protest Ban

By Tim Elfrink in News
Fri., Oct. 23 2009 @ 1:05PM

[…] Miami-Dade has one of the country’s oldest bans against the entire breed of pit bulls. And, as I wrote back in May, the ban has led Animal Services to take hundreds of healthy, friendly dogs — many of which probably aren’t even real pit bulls — away from owners to die from a lethal injection.

[…] This weekend, the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation — a group trying to end the ban in Miami — is co-hosting a barbecue in Fort Lauderdale.

[…] Find more info here.

Full article retrieved 10/23/09 from http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/2009/10/miami_pit_bull_owners_plan_bro.php

Denver, CO: Councilwoman shows support for pit bulls

Denver residents who wish to share their stories can reach Councilwoman Carla Madison at:

City Councilwoman District 8, 2713 Welton Street, Denver, CO, 80205
(303) 298-7641 main
(303) 298-9716 fax

The difficulty with a situation like this is that pit bull owners aren’t technically allowed to live in Denver anymore. So when Councilmember Charlie Brown says that protest against the ban is coming from locations outside Denver, while people living in Denver seem to be supportive–it’s no wonder. The people able to speak freely in Denver aren’t the ones being discriminated against! Pit bull owners living in Denver who risk speaking out will almost certainly have their dogs taken away.

Previous alert for Denver: http://stopbsl.com/2009/08/03/denver-co-city-council-member-considering-pit-bull-ban-repeal/

Councilwoman shows support for pit bulls

written by: Jeffrey Wolf written by: Heidi McGuire Date last updated: 8/25/2009 8:52:21 PM

DENVER – Demonstrators came together in a peaceful protest against Denver’s pit bull ban. A newly formed organization called Colorado Citizens Against Breed Bans joined forces with the California based DenverKillsDogs.com to get the city’s attention on the 20-year-old ordinance that makes it illegal for anyone to have a pit bull within the city limits.

“People do not need to be afraid of the pit bull or the bull breeds, they need to be afraid of people who are not responsible with their dogs whatever the breed,” Englewood resident Linda Hart said.

Hart introduced Denver Councilwoman Carla Madison as a supporter of Colorado Citizens Against Breed Bans initiative to change the ordinance.[…]

Full article retrieved 8/26/09 from http://www.9news.com/seenon9news/article.aspx?storyid=122004&catid=509

Reminder: Denver, CO BSL protest, August 25, 1 PM

Organizers are planning a protest against breed-specific legislation and Denver’s longstanding “pit bull” ban. Everyone is welcome to attend, but please leave dogs at home.

When: August 25th, 1 PM
Where: 1437 Bannock Street, City and County Building front lawn, Denver

Crossposted from BSL Updates:

Items to Bring:

  • Your freedom fighting spirit – hand held American flag
  • Photos of dogs banished or killed by Denver – poster size or attached to posters
  • A dog collar attached to a leash – symbolize slain dogs killed by the breed ban


More information: Jan@denverkillsdogs.com