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Best Friends Alert for Arkansas

A bill has been introduced on the state level that will create vast inconsistencies in the animal laws throughout the state.  SB 910 would allow Quorum Courts, also commonly known as Commissions Courts, to pass laws regarding animals in any manner they chose should the majority of landowners petition for a change.

Quorum Courts are not courts per say, but are more like a County Board of Commissioners, in that they do not create judicial rulings but instead act as a legislative body that oversees legislative action on the county level.

Most concerning about this bill is that it does not impose any kind of limitations on the kinds of laws these Courts can pass. The most concerning portion of this bill is the part that reads

including without limitation”

Though the bill specifically mentions leash laws, this language that precedes mention of leash laws leaves the powers of the courts open to anything that the officials would like, including breed specific laws.

This would leave an enormous difference in the laws from community to community, with no consistency, or regard for personal property rights.

Full text of SB 910 can be found here.

Arkansas residents: Please reach out now to your legislators to oppose this bill. Good animal laws are ones that are clearly defined and consistent for all members of the community, things that this bill is not.

You can find your legislators here.

If you are having trouble wording your own correspondence you can use the form Best Friends Animal Society has set up.  Please remember that by personalizing the first portion of this e-mail form, the correspondence becomes that much more effective.

Crawford County, AR: JP to ask for “pit bull” ban

Correspondence for the Quorum Court can be sent to:
County Clerk Teresa Armer, tarmer@crawford-county.org
300 Main Street, Room 7, Van Buren, Arkansas 72956
479-471-3236 (fax)

Crawford County Quorum Court Justices of the Peace:
Butch Barnes
Mary Jan Blount
Stanley Clark
Elaina Damante
DeWite DeShazo
Tom Fite
Bill Grill
Christi Haught
Tim Hodges
Kevin Holmes
Penny Lane
Sharon Partain (requesting the ban)
Alan Swaim

Contact info for Quorum court attorney Charles Baker (who is drafting the law):
31 West Cherry Street, P.O. Box 700, Alma, AR 72921
(479) 632-8777
Fax (479) 632-6545

JPs address animal issues

by LAREIGN WARD, Press Argus-Courier Staff
Wednesday, June 16, 2010 10:21 AM CDT

Before Garner spoke, Partain told the quorum court she plans to bring up an ordinance next month asking for a county ban on pit bulls. She said some constituents in the Uniontown area asked her to seek a ban.

Read the rest of the story here: