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StopBSL needs volunteers!

StopBSL is looking for a few smart, reliable volunteers in the Austin (TX) area to

  • track issues
  • write alerts
  • answer questions
  • moderate our public forums


Until now, StopBSL has been run entirely by one person (me) and two occasional helpers. Historically the duties have been manageable, but times are changing! Many more areas are considering or repealing BSL, so I have been tracking and posting about issues more frequently and in greater quantity. Also, the StopBSL community is growing (woo hoo!), necessitating an increase in moderating and responding to public inquiries.

And finally, in two weeks, I move into an exciting new career that involves travel, long hours, and very limited free time. I really need some helpers who can fill in for me while I establish my career. I’d like to take this opportunity to assemble a feisty group of BSL fighters who can grow the StopBSL site and mission.


I’m looking for folks who can

  • commit to frequent and routine interactions with the website and social media.
  • fact-check and assess credibility of information.
  • write concise audience-focused text (including good grammar/spelling and careful, persuasive word choices).
  • stay focused on our mission and purpose.

It’s a plus if you already know the following, but these are things you will learn over time as you volunteer with StopBSL:

  • Basic lawmaking processes and mechanics
  • Blogging, Facebook, and other social media
  • Tracking a million issues at once

Where and When?

I’d like to stick with Austin-area volunteers so that I can provide in-person training and support, hold occasional meetings, and hopefully retain talent for long periods of time! I intend to hold the first meeting/training session within the next week or two, depending on responses.

Much of your actual work, however, is easily done with a computer, and you can do it anywhere—your house, the local coffee shop, or even your workplace, if they allow it—and any time.


If you’d like to volunteer with StopBSL, or if you have questions about volunteering, please send an email to stopbsl.org@gmail.com!

Please help me find talent by telling all your Austin-area friends! Thank you—You’re an incredible community!

Seeking Assistants (Writers and Non-Writers)

Stop BSL is now seeking some volunteers (both writers and non-writers) to help with both static pages and daily posts. Currently I’m running multiple websites singlehandedly (and all on a volunteer basis, not as a job) and I need more hands! If you’re interested in getting involved but not sure how, I hope you will consider becoming an assistant at Stop BSL.


If you are a good researcher, writer, and editor, Stop BSL can use your talents to produce and maintain static pages. This would involve generating new content and occasionally reviewing and updating old content within the static pages only (not daily posts).

There are a number of planned static pages that need well-researched, well-written content, such as a page that describes the highlights and flaws of various BSL-related scientific studies. As with all content generation, this will require a lot of work all at once, and after that point it can be left alone, for the most part.

Additionally, the pages that already exist will need to be reviewed and updated from time to time to ensure accuracy. This does not need to be done frequently and in most cases will not require extra research or large amounts of new content.

Writers need to be able to do the following:

  • Thoroughly research a topic with an open mind.
  • Support one’s argument with facts and citations.
  • Evaluate the credibility of a source and be willing to discard any source that does not seem reliable.
  • Write clearly and concisely. The writing style and tone for Stop BSL is not strictly formal, but it is authoritative.
  • Copyedit.


If you can copy and paste text, you can help with daily posts. Stop BSL would like to start posting BSL alerts and BSL-related news on a regular basis.

Non-writers monitor BSL Alert mailing lists, news alerts, and websites for proposed BSL and BSL-related news articles. They then post a summary or an excerpt from the article and appropriate links on the Stop BSL site. It doesn’t require any creative writing; just copy a little of the source article and paste it into the post box.

This volunteer position requires dedication, awareness of current events, and a willingness to participate frequently.

Note for Both Writers and Non-Writers

In keeping with the goals and values of Stop BSL, and for the sake of consistency and quality of the site, I would like to work very closely with volunteers to make sure material is appropriate and well-written. I will produce guidelines for volunteers to use when writing pages or gathering info for posts.

Familiarity with WordPress or other blog is a big plus but is not necessary. In fact, if you’re a bit intimidated by the idea of working on a website, let me assure you that this requires absolutely NO knowledge of HTML or any sort of computer coding. It is a very easy system to learn, and I am happy to help you get started; before long, you’ll be posting like a pro.

Your assistance will be invaluable for site visitors to get the information they need. There is great power in numbers.

If this sounds like a project you would like to be involved with, please send me an email at stopbsl.com@gmail.com.