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Writing and speaking effectively are two very important skills to have when it comes to issues—like breed-specific legislation—that can seriously impact your daily life. We all need to speak out and make others aware of our feelings about BSL.

We can’t all be good at public communication. Some of us have trouble writing. Many more of us get a queasy feeling just thinking about speaking in public.

As the general art of communication is somewhat outside the boundaries of this website, I have endeavored here to provide some resources for people who wish to brush up on their public communication skills. I haven’t written any of the material at these links, but I think you may find them useful.

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Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking – A simple change in perspective makes a world of difference
Tips for Making a Speech – Some handy bulleted tips
Toastmasters International – The major organization for people who want to improve their public speaking skills

Effective Writing

Ten Timeless Persuasive Writing Techniques – Some great methods to consider when you want your audience to agree with you
Write More Effective Letters to Elected Officials and Politicians – Tips for letter-writing to politicians
Online Writing Guide (OWL) from Perdue University – All you ever wanted to know about the writing process, plus grammar and spelling guides

Media Interviews

6 Tips for Taking Control in Media Interviews
Preparing for a Media Interview
Conducting Successful Public Relations and Media Interviews

Conflict Management

Conflict Management Skills – A detailed assessment of conflict management techniques
Intractable Conflict Online Problem Solving – Very in-depth discussions of why there is conflict and how to resolve conflict

Other Important Communication Guides

Web Resources For Communication Skills – The longest list of links to online communication resources I’ve ever seen
How to be Persuasive – Interesting strategies and tips for persuasive communication

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