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Maybe BSL has just been proposed in your area. Maybe your lawmakers are considering a repeal of BSL. Maybe you just moved to a new place that has had BSL for a long time.

You’re probably wondering whether there are other local people who are opposed to BSL. Is there an organized group in your area that you can join? How do you get in touch with them?

StopBSL has created a new initiative: a list of groups and people who are fighting BSL—either by opposing proposed BSL or by supporting repeal of BSL—at a local level.

Click here to view the list.

We update the list constantly. If you know of a group, are a member of a group, or want to start a new group, to oppose BSL in your community, please fill out this brief form so that we can add your contact information to the list.

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2 responses to “Join a Group


    I want to join the Stop BSL Group because I don’t believe in KILLING an Animal due to its Breed! Pit Bulls are severely misunderstood! They have only become Killing machines because of what PEOPLE have done to them! They are NOT mean by nature and I’m SICKKKKK of them being labeled or KILLED because of someone else’s stupidity! Pit Bulls are very lovable! And make AWESOME pets if raised RIGHT! So I’m am very strongly against Killing this misunderstood breed! It’s not their Fault some PEOPLE have very twisted ways of thinking! If the Law wants something to blame for a Pit Bull killing another Animal start with the Person who created that monster! Not the Dog!

  2. Wow magic_chick_1983 PLEASE do not advocate for this breed!! KILLING MACHINES?? Seriously?? Do you even realize what you are saying? Dogsbite-org would be thrilled if there were more of you! You could be their spokesperson!!

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