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Mamaroneck, NY – Village Officials Consider Pit Bull Legislation

VILLAGE OF MAMARONECK, NY – Knee-jerk legislation is on the agenda as the result of a recent dog-on-dog attack that also resulted in a dog owners finger being severed while trying to break up the dog fight.

Residents have managed 50 signatures on a petition to have the dog removed from the village.  Meanwhile, Mayor Norman Rosenblum says, “It’s a health, safety and welfare question, especially regarding the kids.”

The matter to adopt legislation that would specifically address pit bulls, “dogs with a reputation for being violent” according to officials, has been added to the agenda for the village board’s Tuesday, October 9th meeting.

The original incident resulted after the pit bull jumped a chest-high chain link fence and attacked the smaller dog, whose injuries were fatal.  The pit bull’s owner has been charged with one count of a dangerous dog attack on a domestic animal.

New York State Law prohibits breed-specific legislation.

5. Nothing contained in this article shall prevent a municipality from adopting its own program for the control of dangerous dogs; provided, however, that no such program shall be less stringent than this article, and no such program shall regulate such dogs in a manner that is specific as to breed. Notwithstanding the provisions of subdivision one of this section, this subdivision and section one hundred twenty-one of this article shall apply to all municipalities including cities of two million or more.

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