Mamaroneck, NY – Village Officials Consider Pit Bull Legislation

VILLAGE OF MAMARONECK, NY – Knee-jerk legislation is on the agenda as the result of a recent dog-on-dog attack that also resulted in a dog owners finger being severed while trying to break up the dog fight.

Residents have managed 50 signatures on a petition to have the dog removed from the village.  Meanwhile, Mayor Norman Rosenblum says, “It’s a health, safety and welfare question, especially regarding the kids.”

The matter to adopt legislation that would specifically address pit bulls, “dogs with a reputation for being violent” according to officials, has been added to the agenda for the village board’s Tuesday, October 9th meeting.

The original incident resulted after the pit bull jumped a chest-high chain link fence and attacked the smaller dog, whose injuries were fatal.  The pit bull’s owner has been charged with one count of a dangerous dog attack on a domestic animal.

New York State Law prohibits breed-specific legislation.

5. Nothing contained in this article shall prevent a municipality from adopting its own program for the control of dangerous dogs; provided, however, that no such program shall be less stringent than this article, and no such program shall regulate such dogs in a manner that is specific as to breed. Notwithstanding the provisions of subdivision one of this section, this subdivision and section one hundred twenty-one of this article shall apply to all municipalities including cities of two million or more.

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39 responses to “Mamaroneck, NY – Village Officials Consider Pit Bull Legislation

  1. George Latimer

    I live in Mamaroneck. There have been two pit bull attacks in the last 12 months. That’s enough evidence for me. Ban pit bulls. The safety of my children and my dog trump the rights of pit bulls and their owners. End of story.

    • Mr. Latimer, we all strive for community safety. Unfortunately, banning any particular breed or type of dog is not an assurance for achieving safety. It serves to punish responsible pet owners and their pets, but does nothing to prevent or decrease dog bites as studies from across the country (and around the world) have proven. Miami-Dade, FL may be the best example relevant to the argument, having had a ‘pit bull ban’ in place for more than 20 years, the Commission voted just this week to enact a ‘Dangerous Dog Registry’ which will provide photo’s of dogs found dangerous, their owners address and the details for the ruling of dangerous. Why? Because of the number of severe attacks in recent months by dogs that are not pit bulls.

    • Debra Griffin

      Mr Latimer
      Please explain how u feel that 2 pit bull attacks justifies your obviously misinformed opinion. Also why would that trump over my rights as a pit bull owner, trainer, & rescuer. I have the same rights as you do sir. In fact, I fought in Marines so that even misinformed people like you can express your obvious stupidity. I have rescued & rehabilitated more than 300 “bully breed” dogs in my time. I have NEVER been bitten by one but my neighbor has 2 taco bell dogs & a lasa & I have been bitten by those 3 dogs more than a dozen times in the last 2 months. In fact they run into my yard & bite me & my pit bulls on a pretty regular basis. Yes it hurts & yes I have gotten stitches on a few occasions so had on of my pit bulls!! Please understand we love our pit bulls just as we love our own children! You obviously have never gotten to know a pit bull & I would LOVE for you to meet mine. That way you realize that its truly not all pit bulls.


    • The idea that this is enough evidence for you shows how ignorant the position you’ve taken is. Read the research and listen to those of us who are educated as responsible dog owners. Banning the breed does not work and only leaves others breeds to get into the hands of uninformed dog owners. All dogs have the potential to be dangerous in the wrong hands. Instead of taking the easy (but wrong) way out, Mamaroneck should instead strive to educate its people and its children on how to properly care for and protect their dogs and their citizens.

  2. BSL forget that other dog breeds also have sharp teeth and in the hands of responsible owners do not use these teeth a lot more than the so-called Pit Bulls. Pit Bull ban in England was a terrible defeat for BSL.


  3. George-
    I do not agree. Last month my neighbors Labrador attacked a chihuahua and almost killed it. It’s not just pit bulls that attack, it can be any breed. And by any breed doesn’t mean that breed is a threat. It’s the owners fault for not training the dog. And not giving it the care it NEEDS. So I think your ban pit bull idea is a waste. Some of the best dogs I have encounters were the best.

    A dog lover


    I think you are making an uneducated statement. It is not the animals, yes it is the owners. I’ve seen dog attacks and they were NOT Pit Bulls. I was also bit by my friends Golden Retriever in college and you know what, I still go to that house and I still say hi to that dog. I also own an American Bulldog who at times is dog aggressive BUT I take the responsibility of educating other people in my building letting them understand what she is about and I make sure she is tamed at all times even though the nasty little dog on the first floor taunts her. She also plays with MANY other dogs in the area. That little dog on the first floor also almost bit of my other dogs nose when she was going to play. LITTLE DOG ALMOST BIT OF MY ENGLISH BULLDOGS NOSE. They are ANIMALS. Humans chose thousands of years ago to make these animals “mans best friend”, So if you want to ban Pit Bulls George maybe you should take a time machine and go back and stop the first person to make a dog a pet yourself because “Pit Bulls and their owners” are here to stay.

  5. Pitbull Lover

    Well I know who I won’t be voting for!!
    It’s not the breed its the owner. I have two pitbulls and I also have children, the pitbull is one of the most loyalist breeds. All dogs are dangerous if they have teeth! I have a chihuahua on my street that will run out of its yard and bite you for walking by his house!
    I invite you Mr. Latimer to come to my house and meet my “dangerous dogs” you will probably leave here and go to your nearest shelter to adopt one after falling in love with mine.
    I hope you join us at this meeting and get educated on this beautiful breed!

  6. If you had responsible owners these things wouldn’t be happening, I wish people would stop punishing the breed, any dog can attack someone, but Pitt Bulls are the ones that get the bad rap, if your gonna ban Pitts, you might as well ban little dogs too, because one attacked my Pitt bull for no reason!!! Educate yourself before you judge!!!!

  7. Not a bystander

    I was at the event where Mamaroneck’s finest shot a dog in what was reported as self defence. It was defending its owner from someone who was causing the owner upset – any breed would do the same. Ban by breed? My vote is No. Control and leash your dog – yes please. Many owners need training as much as their dogs do.

  8. Astoundingly, for most of our history America’s nickname for Pit Bulls was “The Nanny Dog”. For generations if you had children and wanted to keep them safe you wanted a pit bull, the dog that was the most reliable of any breed with children or adults.
    The Nanny Dog is now vilified by a media that always wants a demon dog breed to frighten people and LHASA-APSO BITES MAN just doesn’t sell papers. Before pit bulls it was Rottweilers, before Rottweilers it was Dobermans, and before them German Shepherds. Each breed in it’s order were deemed too vicious and unpredictable to be around people. Each time people wanted laws to ban them. It is breathtakingly ironic that the spotlight has turned on the breed once the symbol of our country and our national babysitter.
    In temperance tests (the equivalent of how many times your kid can poke your dog in the eye before it bites him) of all breeds the most tolerant was the Golden Retriever. The second most tolerant was the pit bull.
    Pit Bull’s jaws do not lock, they do not have the most powerful bite among dogs (Rottweilers have that honor) they are not naturally human aggressive (in fact pit bull puppies prefer human company to their mother’s two weeks before all other dogs), and they feel as much pain as any other breed (accidentally step on one’s toe and you’ll see).
    The most tolerant, patient, gentle breed of dogs is now embarrassingly portrayed as the most dangerous. It would be funny if the new reputation did not mean 6,000 are put to death every day, by far the highest number of any other breed euthanized.
    That’s a lot of babysitters.
    If you are looking for a dog with a good temperament, a Pit Bull just may be the dog for you and your family.
    If I had a dollar for every time I heard, “Pit Bulls are so great, they just get such a bad rap,” I wouldn’t need a job.
    According to the American Temperament Test Society (2010-2011), 804 American Pit Bull Terriers were tested and 695 passed. This means that 86.4% of Pit Bulls tested by the ATTS had a good temperament. Pit Bulls pass rating was above 121 other breeds of dogs, including Golden Retrievers!
    So, how did some of America’s other “favorite” breeds do? Hopefully these figures will help diminish the negative stereotyping of Pit Bulls.
    Golden Retriever = 84.9%
    Beagle =80.6%
    Bichon Frise =76.7%
    Chihuahua =71.1%
    Cocker Spaniel =81.9%
    Labrador Retriever = 92.4%
    Lhasa Apso = 70.4%
    Shih Tzu = 78%
    Yorkshire Terrier 82.5%
    Imagine that! The American Pit Bull Terrier had a better temperament than every dog on this list except the Lab. Wow, do you think it could be the irresponsible owner and/or environment that’s the issue???
    Several factors are taken into account by the American Temperament Test Society: the breed’s temperament, training, health and age. A dog must be at least 18 months old to participate.
    The test is evaluated by 3 trained individuals and takes about 12 minutes. During this time, the dog is walked through a park or neighborhood where they experience visual, auditory and physical stimuli. The dog will encounter neutral, friendly and threatening situations so the test administers can see if the dog can distinguish between threatening and non-threatening events.
    The dog automatically fails if it shows panic without recovery, strong avoidance or unprovoked aggression.
    So, to my fellow proud Pit Bull parents, next time an owner of another breed gives you attitude or the “stink eye,” check out where you can look up the passing temperament percentage of their dog. I’d be willing to make a bet your Pit Bull is either better or close to the same passing rate. A little education can go a long way!

  9. Debra Griffin

    I am 100% AGAINST BSL its wrong & unfair to judge an entire breed biased on a minimal amount of ACTUAL problems. Besides I have rescued & rehabilitated more than 300 pit bill, rott, cane corso, & other so called aggressive breed dogs. I find them to inherently be the most loving & affectionate not to mention, one of the easiest to train please do not initiate BSL its simply wrong & unjust.

  10. This is political grandstanding to their constituents. BSL will never pass anywhere in NY. However, we cannot allow them to even include such language in any official documents words that allude to discriminating against any breed of dog.

  11. People are so stupid.. Any dog can attack. Any dog can cause damage. It is the owners who dont train their dogs properly or leash them that allow this to happen. Pitbulls are not bad dogs at all.. Only bad owners… For every 1 pitbull that bites theres 10,000 who dont.. I have a GSD and a Pitbull and a chihuaua! They all get along great because they were trained to do so. My pitbull is also doing fine with my 2 cats. Get real people. Stop this BSL

  12. George- For someone who says they own a dog, you seem a bit out of touch. Any responsible dog owner knows that the actions of their pet reflect directly on them. Pit bulls were nicknamed the “nanny dog” bag in the early 1900s because they are one of the most loving and loyal breeds if raised properly. Actions should be taken against owners who teach their animals to be vicious, banning an entire breed is ignorant and NOT the answer.

  13. Punish the owners, not the breed! I know plenty of pit bulls who have big, loving hearts. It’s the owners that make them vicious. Any dog can attack a person. It all depends on how the dog is trained and raised.

  14. ANY breed can bite. Punish the deed, not the breed!!

  15. BSL accomplishes NOTHING. All dogs bite if not well trained or if their owners do not control their environment. You can NOT blame a breed.

  16. banning a breed is discrimination. An animal should not be punished just because of breed. Because I been around a lot a dogs all my life. Animals have different temperament. Some dogs protective manner can be perceived as dangerous.The way some people treat or train any dog make a dog dangerous not just pitbull. I have had at least one dog considered to be a pit. And he wouldn’t hurt me or anyone else. He would loose his dog house every time the beagles next door would get loose and come take his house, even in the winter storm.

  17. Mr Latimer, while I understand that it is an unfortunate situation. banning a specific breed of dog does not, in the long run, serve to ensure safety in a community. ANY animal can be dangersous if given the right circumstances. I have been bitten by several dogs over the years. All of these dogs have been small breeds, so to say that the town will ensure the safetly of children by banning “pit bulls” is very short sighted. When I child gets bitten by a poodle or jack russel next week, should they be placed on the ban list as well. “Pit bulls” are used by the media to hype stories and garner more attention. People do not like to hear stories about Lab’s biting people or getting into fights, it does not sell. These are wonderful dogs, and like many other breeds are versatile family pets; and like all dog breeds some can be moer agressive than others. This is not a breed specific trait, is it a DOG specific trait.

  18. Punish the DEED not the BREED!!!! Responisble ownership is the key. This dogs are no more dangerous than any other dog in fact I have seen other breeds that I would be more scared of! People need to get over the PitBull 1st it was the Doberman then the rottie and geramsn shepards when will this stop when there are no dogs left on the earth!!! Any dog can be dangerous it is not breed specific!

  19. Kristina Renshaw

    Would you condemn every race the same?!
    Would you say all people were bad?!
    Then why would you assume that all pit bulls are bad?!
    Animals are not born bad! They are trained to be bad! Condemn the owners not the animals

  20. Therese Camillone

    My Callie is the 2nd Pit Bull Terrier I have adopted. She and her predecessor, Oopsie, are as sweet as sugar. Banning one specific breed WILL NOT prevent other breeds from attacking people or other animals. BSL never works

  21. Punish the DEED not the Breed. I own a pitbull and my dog would not attack anyone – maybe with his tongue- licking you to death. But that is it. I am tired of this BSL bullshit. And its only people who do not do their research

  22. Ok, so here we have a dog, regardless of breed that was clearly not being payed attention to by its owner. The owner more than likely also did not care for the dog enough to show it love. If they had the dog would not be vicious. I know many people that have pitbulls. sure some of them are a little crazy, but then i look at the owner and i know why. But hey, I know a lot of people with dogs and guess what? More of those dogs could not be trusted. My twins from the time they were born up until a year ago when some jerk ran him over had a pitbull who absolutely adored them and they rode him like a horse and pulled his tail and all types of stuff kids do to dogs not knowing they dont like it. This dog not once even growled at them. Yet I have a friend who has a Golden Lab and you cant even get into the yard because it will attack, and I have known this dog since it was a puppy. So its not about the breed, it is about the owner and what the owner teaches the dog.

  23. Orly Martinez

    George Latimer,
    Its truly sad that you don’t even do some research before making remarks and statements that you do.

  24. pitbull lover

    pitbulls are very friendly loving caring dogs. they are loyal to there owners and love to be around people. dont let a few bad apples ruin the bunch. ive been around them my whole life and never once have i been attacked or even been afraid of them. they are just dogs they pick up those traits from irresponsible owners. the punishment should be handed down to the owners. its not right to punish a breed. it would be a shame to ban a breed of dogs, when a person commits a crime we dont condem the race!

  25. As a veterinary nurse I have had the opportunity to work with nearly every breed of dog out there. Pit Bulls have always been my BEST patients. Their natural disposition is loving, funny, loyal, and wonderful all around dogs. They are no more dangerous than any other dog and I can’t understand how dog owners and “dog lovers” can separate them out as deserving of death based solely on their breed. What we need are laws for dog owners, that apply to ALL dog owners, that puts the responsibility on the human in charge which is where it rightfully belongs.

  26. George Latimer

    Attention: The person who posted as “George Latimer” on Oct. 4 at 10:20 am is NOT me, Assemblyman George Latimer. I am furious that someone would steal my identity and make a policy statement that is not my position!!

    Anyone who wants to verify that I am the real George can do so by calling my Assembly office at (914) 777-3832. In the meantime, the Administrator of this blog should remove the earlier post – it is bogus to attach my name to it. FYI…I live in Rye, not Mamaroneck, and have only one child, a grown daughter, not “children”.

    George Latimer
    NYS Assemblyman

  27. George, what are you teaching your children when you just make decisions based on rumor, reputation, and fear rather than fact? Why don’t you just tell them that the Salem witch trials were sane, necessary, and protected good people from bad people…it would all be BS. You can tell them that it is OK to judge before learning facts. They might even grow up and help establish regressive laws that punish more innocent lives! You will teach your children to take the easy road and not to question truth, to be open-minded, or to be just. All I can say to that is thank goodness that I have raised my kids to be capable of seeing through and counteracting the damage that yours might later cause. You are trying to rationalize paranoid thinking as logic and basing your decisions on that while others would pay the price for it. Here is a suggestion…don’t be a coward and don’t be lazy – do the research, find the truth!

  28. My opinion on this….. How about instead of people worrying about dog attacks which happen how often? Worry about the more serious issues going on such as murder, drug dealing, robbers PEOPLE SUFFOCATING THEIR CHILDREN! This petition to ban pitbulls from westchester is the least of your concerns. Animal AND humans are capible of “snapping” “attacking” “killing” and you go and blames dogs.

  29. I do not think they should ban pit bulls. It is not only pits that are dangerous, any dog, any breed can bite, or kill another dog. It is the owners responsibility to take the time and care of their dogs.

  30. It is illegal to have BSL anywhere in the state of NY. Pass this and the law suits will begin. Larchmont has it but it is going against NYS law.

  31. You guys are all crazy! Lets face reality there are much bigger issues in this county then to be pointing fingers at dogs. This is pathetic and whats more pathetic is you people fighting to get rid of pitbulls instead of all the crime going on. People murdering their children, people robbing old people, drug dealing and who knows what else! There good and bad in everything! People or animals. Grow up and get real lifes people. PATHETIC

  32. Kimberly scialdone

    It’s not the dogs that need to be punished its the trainers. Dogs are doing what they are asked to do & then we are destroying a whole race for it– so if a black guy robs you should we eliminate the entire race? Hhhmmmm would that get rid of robberies? Of course not!! Ignorant law BSL!!!!!

  33. I do not agree with this Legislation ! How about the responsibility the “OWNER” has in any of these cases ? I have and have had many different breeds of dogs, cats, etc. and have had nothing but awesome experiences with all,(Presently have 5 dogs,4 of which are bull terriers, 1 duck toll retriever) because we spend time and are accountable for all of their actions ! Please seek more accountability on behave of the owners first before you blame a voiceless animal. Thank you